8800 Analog and Digital Radio Test Set - Now the 8800SX

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With its hybrid portable design, the industry’s largest color touch-screen display, and unmatched analog and digital test features, the 8800 offers RF professionals a whole new experience in radio test.

Weighing only 17 lbs (7.71 kg), with a 2.5+ hour internal battery, and 30 G shock rating, now test professionals will no longer compromise portability for critical test features; and vice versa. Advanced features ranging from Auto-Test to digital modulation analysis plots to even an internal 500 W (4% accuracy) in-line power meter are all available within a one-box solution!

Product Overview

  • Chassis:  Hard Plastic, Lightweight
  • Dimensions:  34.3 cm (W) x 29.3 cm (L) x 14.6 cm (D)   <13.5 x 11.54 x 5.75 inches>
  • Display Size:  30.5 cm   <12 inches>
  • Weight:  7.71 kg   <17 lbs>
  • Internal Battery:  2.5+ Hour at Full Backlight (Optional)
  • Rugged:  30 G Shock, MIL-STD 28800F Class 3
  • RF Ports:  GEN, T/R, and ANT (all Type N)
  • Audio Ports:  AUD IN, AUD OUT, SCOPE (Type BNC); Microphone
  • Control Ports:  Ethernet, USB (QTY 3), 44-Pin Control
  • Speaker:  Internal Loudspeaker and Headphone Jack
  • Arrow Controls:  Arrow + Select Controls for Easy Frequency and Level Adjustments
  • Cooling Fan:  Low Noise

Test Capabilities

  • AM
  • FM
  • P25
  • DMR
  • dPMR
  • NXDN™
  • ARIB T98

Unique Features

  • Multi-Language GUI:English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Malay/Indonesian, Korean, Arabic, Polish, Russian, Japanese, German, and French
  • Fast Stack:Test functions can be stacked on one another and instantly accessed
  • Presets:Ultra-fast setup of analog and digital tests
  • Frequency Lists:User-defined frequency lists with editable Tx Frequency, Tx Level, and Rx Frequency entries
  • Audio Record/Playback:Digital audio quality performance tests
  • Color Meters:Color indicates pass/fail results on each meter
  • Digital Modulation PlotsDistribution, Constellation, and Eye Diagram
  • TDMA Burst Profile Plot:For DMR only; includes a burst “Mask” for visual pass/fail
  • DMM:Simple measurement of Voltage, Current, and Ohms
  • In-Line Power Meter:Internal or External; 500 W input with 4% Accuracy
  • Tracking Generator:VSWR, Return Loss, DTF, and Tuning Duplexers
  • Exchangeable Battery:Easy access compartment allows batteries to be exchanged with spares; extending field operation

8800 Literature

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Radio Test Sets Product Capabilities Sheet

Issue 3

PMR Brochure

Issue 1

8800 Analog and Digital Radio Test Set Brochure

Issue 2


8800 Data Sheets

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8800 Data Sheet

Issue 2

8800 Plataforma de testes de rádio digital e analógico

Issue 1

8800 Equipo para pruebas de radio análoga y digital

Issue 1


8800 Software

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8800 Software


05-01-2018 Login to Download
8800 Release Notes


8800 Software Upgrade Instructions 04-13-2016 Login to Download

8800 Videos

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Date View/
TRX Neon Signal Mapper with the 8800SX 08-23-2016
8800 Operating GUI 03-22-2016
8800 Auto-Test 03-22-2016
8800S Introduction Spanish 10-28-2015
Introducing the 8800 02-11-2015

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